Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Cooking Blog!

I have been playing around with the idea of starting a food blog for a while now because cooking has always been a passion of mine, and I now love the challenge of cooking every meal without dairy ingredients.
Let me tell you my story, as I haven't always loved the challenge!
We found out our son was extremely allergic to dairy at 10 months old when we heard a hoarse and unusual cry from his room. We took him out of his crib to find that his lips were trippled in size. We traced the culprit to a drinking glass that he was playing with around his mouth before bedtime that had milk in it previously. That was the start of our journey to avoiding dairy. When he was about 18 months old he was hospitalized for 3 days from an asthma attack and so they ran blood tests for allergies. That's when we really found out it was a lot more serious than we thought and that's when I had to become an ingredient reading maniac!
At first my husband and I continued to eat our usual cuisines, and I would fix our son a seperate plate with something I knew he could eat. Then I realized that he was going to get use to the specialized treatment and maybe think he can always do what he wants to do. That's when I took up the challenge to eat "dairy free" as an entire family. I had no idea the challenge I was undertaking and use to cry over the lack of recipes I could find. Then I met several moms out there through the blog world who are dealing with the same stresses I do on a daily basis, some of them so much more complex, and realized that 1-I'm not alone and 2-It could be a lot worse. So with the inspiration those moms gave me (one in particular and she'll know who she is) I've been given the creativity and patience to now find my recipe box filled with yummy dinners my whole family can eat.
I know you can buy cookbooks and google search for dairy free recipes out there, but who's to know which ones are good and which are garbag? Welcome to "Dairy Free- Tried and True" where from one mom to another, you'll know they're good!


Anonymous said...

Youre so amazing!! love you!!


Libby said...

Good luck with your new blog! I hope you submit a post to the next "Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival."