Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Mock" Krispie Treats

"Mock" Krispie Treats
I love making traditional Rice Krispie treats, but this is a fun version that uses Cheerios instead of Rice Krispies. I don't have a source on this recipe, but I know it was given to me when I was expecting my first baby from a nutritionist for a healthy treat. I was suprised at how many great things Cheerios has to offer compared to Rice Krispies. (Plain Cheerios pack in more potassium, protein and fiber than Rice Krispies, plus they have calcium and less sugar.) Even if this recipe calls for chocolate chips, at least you are giving your kids calcium, fiber and protein along with it!
Cheerio-Marshmellow Treats

3 Tablespoons dairy free margarine
4 packed cups mini marshmellows
1 Tablespoon water
4 cups regular Cheerios
1/4 cup chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life Dairy Free Chips)

In a large pot melt the margarine and rub with a spatula against the sides. Throw in the marshmellows and water and cook on low heat until all the marshmellows are melted. Remove from heat, add the Cheerios and mix. Carefully stir in the chocolate chips. Tranfer into a lightly oiled 8 by 8, or 9 by 9 dish. Spray your hands or wax paper and press down into the dish. After they set up cut into squares and serve.


Heather said...

Nicole- Thanks so much for giving me your site. These don't just look dairy-free, they look REALLY REALLY good (which in not what you usually expect when you have to substitute stuff). So, THANKS!!! I'll be all of them I think! :)

Libby said...

I think I need to make these the next time I find the marshmallows made with fish gelatin! Thanks for sharing it.