Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Phantom

Halloween Treat Phantom So two nights ago I had a hard pound at my door at about 9:30 pm. It wasn't a friendly knock and when I saw that nobody was there out the peep hole, I called my husband to tell him that we were getting door-ditched. He said he was on his way home. Well after I knew for certain there was nobody out there to grab me, I opened up the door and sighed. It was the Halloween Phantom. My husband was with a group and when he told the rest of the guys who that it was just the Halloween Phantom, they were all hysterical and told me not to worry, they wouldn't tell anyone. So what is the Halloween Phantom? Well every year in October my quaint little neighborhood does something called the "Halloween Phantom" or "Halloween Ghost". I know not everyone is lucky enough to trust treats left at your doorstep, but such is my neighborhood.
You get a hard knock or ring late at night and when you peek out to your dark doorstep you'll find treats with a little note. I think this is a fun tradition and so I thought I'd pass it along. Don't worry, I'll also post the treats I made for my night as the "Halloween Phantom!"
Make sure you attach a ghost to the poem as well (the one above is the one I got with my poem this year) This year's note was different, so here's two to choose from. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

"Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
For Halloween spirits, for ghosts and cats,
For weird happenings and witches’ brew,
These are the things that I wish for you…..
May the only spirit you chance to meet
Be the spirit of love and friends warm and sweet
May the only goblin that comes your way
Be this Neighborhood Phantom you must give away
'Tis much better to give than to receive' goes the old verse
And something this easy won’t empty your purse
It’s your turn to pass along a treat and a BOO
Because now the Neighborhood Phantom is little old YOU!
So by this time tomorrow, pick two friends sweet,
And give them each a Halloween treat.
You have only one day-so you’ll need to hurry-
Leave a treat on the doorstep, ring the bell and then scury!"


"Late last night, we left you a treat.
The tradition is fun, one we hope you'll repeat.
Take the ghost and pin it on your door,
To let others know, you need ghosted no more.
Now it's your duty to pass on the surprise
To two more families, we must advise.
Gather some treats and deliver them soon,
Within two nights, under the light of the moon.
Include a ghost with each package you give,
Along with this poem for the tradition to live."

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