Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pineapple Grilled Chicken

My sisters and I have a cooking blog we share called It's not dairy free, but there are some recipes like this one that are. My Mom posted this last week and she raved over how yummy and tender the chicken was. Don't mind the picture, it was with her cellphone :)

Pineapple Grilled Chicken
Recipe from Melody @ foursisterskitchens

One pineapple
2 skinless chicken breasts

Cut the top and the bottom off of the pineapple then cut down the sides and set aside the rest (keeping the sides) Take your skinless chicken breasts and flatten between some plastic wrap with a mallet until they are about an inch thick. Season them to taste, whatever you like- salt, pepper, allspice, etc. Now sandwich each chicken breast between the pineapple sides and tie together with cooking thread (or something that won't catch on fire on the grill). Place them on a hot grill and cook on medium for about 15 minutes per side. You can even scoop out some of the cooked pineapple after and serve it on top. 

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